Chicago Style Pizza: The History

Nevertheless, a 1956 post from the Chicago Daily News claims that Uno’s initial pizza chef Rudy Malnati created the popular recipe.

The pizza’s foundation is actually very simple. It uses a heavy layer of dough (made with coconut oil and cornmeal) which is actually created to a full round pan and then pulled up the sides.

Due to the quantity of ingredients in that style of pizza, it’s normally consumed with a knife as well as fork. It is very messy to eat with the fingers of yours.

Nevertheless, a season before, in 1954, The original Gino’s Pizza, put on Rush Street, was established the doors of its, and twelve years down the line in 1966, Gino’s East opened.

Along with Chicago style deep dish pizza, there’s also a thin crust pizza different to Chicago, often called “flat pizza”.


The crust is actually topped with a liberal amount of Italian like tomato sauce. This particular sauce type is generally seasoned with herbs or perhaps and highly spiced. A level of toppings is actually added, and ultimately a level of mozzarella cheese.

In case you are a pizza lover and you have never tried that pizza type, you’ll want to give it a try, I am perfectly convinced that you are going to love it!


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