Chocolate Facts: Fun Facts About Chocolate

Considering that chocolate has existed for aproximatelly 4000 yrs, its history is actually varied and long. These fun facts about dark chocolate will answer questions that are many about this intriguing food.


Did you realize the chocolate,..

– was first found in Central America and the Amazon?
– was previously recommended by medical doctors to cure specific ailments?
– chips had been launched in 1939?

– contains antioxidants that are known to help combat disease?
– is dangerous to dogs?
– contains magnesium and iron?
– has a tiny quantity of caffeine, however, not almost almost as a cup of espresso?

Other fun facts:

– The Mayans and the Aztecs utilized cocoa beans as currency.
– The original chocolate bar was created by Sons and Fry of Bristol, England in 1847.
– chocolate that is Dark has a significantly richer taste than milk chocolate, due to the significant cocoa content.
– Women crave chocolate a lot more than males.


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