Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?

People differ as to the awareness of theirs of colour around them. When the wife of mine and I moved home, she shocked me by saying she could not sit in the lounge of ours due to its green home furniture and purple coloured walls. I am most likely a little unusual but, beyond the initial impression of mine, I had not actually noticed. Nevertheless, I need to confess, after the wall space had been repainted lotion, I appreciated the enhancement. As interior designers understand, various colour schemes have the effect of theirs on individuals. The area of colour psychology tries to determine the consequences of colour on emotion that is human and activity.

Colour association


A cool colour like pink, green as well as light purple is actually believed to have the capability to relax and soothe.

In order to “see red” is actually to be aggressive or angry. In order to “have reddish ears / a red-colored face” is usually to be ashamed. In order to “paint the town red” is actually enjoying the sensation of pleasure, typically with a good quantity of consuming, consuming, dancing. To show “a white rag to a bull” is actually causing another person to be enraged.

Colour and esotericism

Based on science, the clean colours acquired from the light spectrum develop a constant range of hue. The amount of colors that the human eye can distinguish in a spectrum is actually in the order of hundred. The apparent discreteness of a couple of primary colours is because of to human perception. This subjective person experience of discrete colors indicates there’s a deeper practice at work than simple physics.

This esoteric view is actually conveyed by the popular maxim’ As above, therefore below’ that derives from the coming ancient text:


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