Color Theory Photography Guide

Among the important components of photography is actually color, and it is probably the most overlooked element. We invest all of the time in considering the framing, principle of thirds, choosing between horizontal and vertical compositions. But the shades blends employed in a photo are as vital as some other aspect in drawing the interest of the person. You must understand the main shades concept for photographers to create your pictures stick out of the crowd.


For a long time, it has been recognized that hues has emotional and physiological consequences. For instance, the white color is actually exposed to increase the heart rate; blue is actually linked with a soothing effect.

Let us realize the color theory of photography:

Main Colors

A lot of us know about the main shades, all of us have learned about them in classes. They’re the colors which cannot be made by mixing 2 different colors, they’re main colors of a color wheel.


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