Dragon Tattoo Ideas, History, and Meaning

Dragons are actually mythological creatures and are actually viewed in ways that are different in the Western and eastern civilization. Dragons may be simple black or maybe colourful in layout, the very best thing about dragon tattoos are actually they’re fluidly drawn without any sharp edges or perhaps corner therefore can certainly be inked into the entire body wherever. Men generally prefer dragon tattoos either across the back of theirs, arms or side. The name dragon is actually produced from the Greek word “draca” that interprets as snake. Dragons may be connected with warrior-like qualities, wisdom, power, protection, and honour, guardianship and fierceness as well as diabolical, dangerous and evil.

In China, they represented will that is good, honour and luck. The Celts affiliated dragons with power and strength.

In Chinese society, the number 9 is actually considered excellent and usually connected with dragons. Earth dragon possesses a connection with Earth or land. Yellow dragons don’t possess some horns are actually represent Celestial dragons and scholarly knowledge are actually protectors of the gods.


They had been thought to be 1 of their drinking water deities. You’ll notice 6 dragons types in Japan.

• Sui Riu, who’s the king of dragons as well as controls rain

• Ka Riu, Small white dragon
• Fuku Riu, indicates luck

The colors of the dragons also stand for many things. Black people are actually wise and old, green are actually small but represent Earth or land, golden ones represent goodness and wisdom, yellow are actually blue ones and excellent companions are actually compassionate and tolerant. This’s why individuals opt to have dragon tattoos done.


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