Driveway Gates – The Essential Guide

The driveway gate, the entrance to your home and property – we quite often think of them as a required fixture of the driveway of ours, a modest continuation of the back garden wall or maybe fence and merely the effort of exit and access. We forget that they are able to better the visual appeal of a property with the addition of charm as well as style. The gate is usually the very first thing visitors see whenever they go to or even pass the property of yours as well as the appearance of its is able to mirror what lies beyond by providing an excellent and bad very first impression.

Which driveway gate must I pick?

Selecting a driveway gate significantly is dependent on the design and the intended purpose of its. A fairly easy timber gate which blends in seamlessly with the fence or maybe wall offers a conventional feel and look. On the other hand, a good timber clad or perhaps wrought iron gate is able to provide a much better amount of security and privacy for the home of yours.

Automated or perhaps manual

In the event that you would like to go that small bit more you might think about an automatic gate. No far more hassle of getting in as well as out of the automobile on a damp working day, as well as the gain of the gate usually being shut once the driveway is not being used. Electric powered gates could be a terrific add-on to the property of yours by deterring unwanted visitors, but make certain you purchase them installed by an experienced gate engineer. You will find choices that are a number of to pick from based on the driveway access of yours and slope.

Kinds of gate

Fundamentally, driveway gates seem to be made from 2 textiles, metal or even wood. Metallic gates are available in a number of styles and styles and are produced in aluminium or even steel. Steel gates usually tend to be more ornate in nature in which aluminium gates are able to supply the appearance and feel of a regular timber clad gate but at a tiny proportion of the weight and without the hassle of yearly timber maintenance.

Gate care and maintenance

As soon as you have invested in the perfect gate for the front yard of yours, you finally have to make certain that the gate of yours is provided probably the very best safety to keep it searching as well as new, for the longest possible time.

Just about all brand new cork driveway gates are actually pre treated to safeguard the timber against wood rot as well as bug encounter, though these remedies do not offer all round defense from the weather. The suns and weather erosion UV rays are going to degrade the usefulness of the therapies over time.

In case you’re searching for an all natural appearance, you might wish to overcoat any kind of preservative therapy with a clear exterior wood oil or even decking oil. These items have a blend of oils, waxes as well as resins which penetrate the wood deep down to offer very good protection against drinking water access. A number of the items come with UV filters which help you to retain the natural colour of the timber for longer, postponing the coming of weathering.

To paint your driveway gate

When you plan to try painting the gate of yours, it is essential to make sure that just about any wood preservative worn beforehand is free from wax, silicon and oil. Majority of outside paints are actually water based and any pre treatment which has oil or wax may prevent the color from sticking with the wood. Consistently buy an excellent paint, it is able to help you save cash as well as time in the long term.

Wood Stains

Making use of an outside wood stain on the driveway gate of yours is actually a great means of keeping the natural grain of the timber. A light coloured softwood gate could be stained as well as sealed to make the colour look of Teak, Walnut or perhaps Mahogany.

Why oil timber gates?


As with every other backyard wood like benches, fencing as well as sheds, it is generally a wise decision to oil the wood as part of an annual garden maintenance regime. Wood oils penetrate in to the wood grain to change the natural skin oils lost over time. This will keep the wood nourished and supple, helping to stop or even reduce cracking and splitting. Additionally, lots of exterior wood oils and decking oils have UV filter systems which assist to guard the timber from the bleaching consequence of the sunshine.

An extra advantage of using wood oils is they help to avoid water penetration, a typical cause of mould as well as wood rot.



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