Elements of a Good Painting

They provoke thought

An effective painting will be able to help you thinking. Paintings are actually an artist’s method of conveying their ideas, opinions, and thoughts to the world. An effective painting must as a result have the ability to see the person what the artist was thinking as well as feeling whenever they made it.

They draw you in

An effective painting must stand out from the others. It must have a thing about it that attracts the curiosity of yours and attracts you in. It should command the attention of yours and captivate you so you spend plenty of time admiring it and most of its functions. Paintings of quality must reach out for you and grab your focus away from another paintings which could be in the vicinity.

They show off the artist’s talent

They are original


An effective painting needs to have some amount of originality to it. Obviously, it is extremely hard to be genuinely authentic nowadays seeing as a lot of artists with idea that is great have passed before us. An effective painting should not be generic: it must belong to the artist that painted it in the feeling that the artist has still left the mark of theirs on it.

They’ve a feeling of harmony

An effective painting must be consistent. The various components which make up the painting needs to be of a comparable style, tone and nature. These elements could enhance one another to produce a feeling of harmony and balance in the painting. People find harmony and balance much more attractive and simple on the eye than discord and chaos. Several paintings which have less balance and much more discord is able to make for art that is good, however. It is every subjective, of course.


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