Everything About the TVR T350 Sports Car Is Insane


An evaluation of the TVR T350 Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle from Classic to Modern.

It’d power assisted steering, as well as the body panels have been built of cup reinforced plastic.

The object was achieving optimum downforce, whilst retaining drag to a bare minimum.

To obtain this, the sleek face of the automobile didn’t have the typical main radiator air intake.

This way, drag was cut back at the front side, whilst the sharply cut off back section even helped decrease drag at the rear.

The top of this particular fixed mind coupe had been created to incline towards the back, that made certain that the airflow remained near the roof, so significantly cutting back on some tendency for the back to lift.


Such streamlined gains would, naturally, not be feasible in the situation of a 2 seater convertible.

The interior of the T350 was based a lot on that observed in the TVR Tamora.


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