Everything you need to know about camera lenses

Remember that various camera brands need particularly designed lenses, therefore a Nikon lens won’t focus on a Canon digital camera and the other way round.


Nevertheless, additionally, there are lens brands like Pentax and Sigma, which create lenses for almost all major DSLR makes, just make certain you are purchasing one with the proper mount for the DSLR.

Here are a few suggestions:

Kit Lens

The very first lens you’ll generally wind up with will be your kit lens, and that is optionally provided with the entire body of your DSLR whenever you purchase it. Since this particular lens is actually bundled up with the digital camera, it is going to be cheaper than purchasing it individually, therefore it is a great idea to put it to the purchase of yours. It’s usually a 18 55 mm zoom lens, that enables you to obtain a subtle wide angle outcome in addition to zoom in on subjects even further away, this can make it a versatile lens which is actually ideal when you’re just starting off your lens collection!

Wide-Angle Lens

This brings much more of the region into focus. Which makes it perfect for capturing dramatic landscaping scenes, functions, or even nature.

Telephoto Lens

It is also great for sporting activities when the activity is actually in the far area.

Macro Lens

In case you need to bring minor things into full sized perspective then a macro lens is exactly what you will need.

You will find wonderful lens choices available for the majority of DSLR cameras, but for photographers desiring to step up the game of theirs, probably the greatest choice of lenses will be made to work with either a Canon or Nikon camera, the 2 major brands in DSLR digital photography.

And so, before you dash out and and purchase a brand new lens, no matter the brand, do your research read several reviews and also have a glimpse at photographs taken with the lenses you want.


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