Featured Listing – 1972 BMW 2002 Tii Restoration


From an early age, the grandfather of mine, who developed the very first fuel engine automobile in Canada, the Fossmobile, generally shared his own personal interest in automobiles with me, which might have contributed to the fascination of mine with the car.

It felt much more sleek and quicker compared to the other automobiles I’d pushed. It’d greater horsepower and felt as it managed to hug the road quickly. I promised myself before, that someday I will be the owner of one of those marvelous vehicles.


Most first, without any prior modifications or perhaps attempted restorations. This guy was only the second owner and it’d just 45,000 long distances on the odometer. The automobile originated from the Usa and also the first owner was traced to Colorado.

This’s particularly true contemplating the tii’s (touring international injection) hardware uniqueness as well as price of several of those special parts.

I’d a vintage car carrier get it and carry it to Burlington, Ontario. The automobile had been partly painted the moment, though it was a bad job and there was proof of extra body filler, cracking color and a few obvious minor rust. That has been at least, what I managed to see. Some other surprises had been waiting for me.

When the automobile arrived from Calgary, it was shipped to the nearby BMW dealer. We just needed to find out in case it will run. We found it required hardly any to meet certification and safety requirements. The engine compression was practically factory and really even. The gas tank was cleaned out and most of the fluids had been flushed. We altered the oil, engine oil filter as well as spark plugs. Last but not least, they completed an intensive brake inspection. Once all were healthy, I reach the street and drove the automobile for a couple of weeks, learning almost as I can about it.

For probably the most part it ran all right, though several elements had been exhausted, impacted by age and needed updating. It was sluggish, had specific vibrations and didn’t tackle the bumps really well. My plan was using all first equipment made (OEM) components.

I began the restoration with all of things physical. The whole energy delivery system necessary cleaning and the 3 energy filters have been replaced (gas pump, in-line filter and fuel injection). The water pump was somewhat seized, to ensure that was following. I was worried about the physical fuel injection process, though it seemed fine.


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