Ferrari 458 Speciale: Race-inspired Design

The Ferrari 458 Speciale – A good look at this sports automobile performance, technical details, characteristics, comparing rivals, past, used costs from Classic to Modern.


Sills which had been equipped with fins

Restyled composite bumpers that contain ducts which slowed the atmosphere and enhanced the ground effect Another intriguing feature required moveable flaps at both front side and back. At speeds that are slow, the flaps had been closed as well as directed cooling air flow onto the radiators.

This way, there was a growth in downforce at the back of the automobile.


Below the back grille, the fumes consisted of 2 pipes rather than the trio on the various other variant, whilst a big back diffuser even more increased downforce.

It utilized the newest Brembo disc brakes with enhanced pads, which improved heat dispersal and helped create shorter stopping distances, like sixty two mph to zero in just thirty one metres.


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