Food Allergy Research & Education: What Causes Food Allergies?


In case you are afflicted by food allergies, you understand the havoc they are able to cause. A food allergy is actually a hypersensitivity to a chemical which does not affect most folks. The trouble is not the food, it is the immune systems’ response to that food. The immune system of yours mis identifies the food as being a toxin, fungus or virus and does whatever is required to get rid of it from the body. If this occurs, an entire set of chemical reactions are actually initiated.

What Causes Food Allergies.

When you are sensitive to a food, the entire body cannot digest the food correctly and the food rests in the intestinal tract more than required. More acid is produced breaking down the food.

When the intestinal tract gets inflamed, including the food items that you are not sensitive to, could pass through small pinholes used into the intestinal wall structure and will result in a condition known as leaky gut. Acid from the very poor digestion in fact burns small microscopic holes in the intestinal tract and also allows food contaminants to pass into areas of the body which are actually forbidden. Meals in the intestinal tract is great but meal in the blood stream causes much more food allergies.

It’s not claimed to be there. Indeed, the nutrients are actually claimed to have the bloodstream, however, not food contaminants and leads to hypersensitivity the subsequent time the body encounters that meals.

Environment Another hypothesis is actually that’ stress while eating’ may result in an allergic response to meals that are actually consumed at that time. Pressure at the food needs again and again will be the culprit. How often has an argument occurred while consuming. In the family of mine, far too many times.


We’re currently discovering these altered foods detrimental to the health of ours and can trigger food allergies or even even worse.

Foods has a specific vibration, a way so the entire body is able to acknowledge that food. If you alter the genes of the foods, the vibration as well as framework also improvements. Allow me to provide you with a good example.

Every food has this vibration and a vibration is represented by this specific barcode. The immune system appears at this particular food the exact same way that the scanner appears at the barcode to determine what food type it’s.

If we modify the barcode (foods) in virtually any way by adjusting the genetic makeup, there is a high possibility that the fujitsu scansnap s1500 (immune system) won’t have the ability to recognize what foods you’re consuming. Sort of like a price tag check at the grocery store. Everything stops when that occurs as you understand.

What brings about the allergic response? The Immune System Is actually the culprit. If it can’t recognize the food, it thinks it a poison and does what ever it is able to to rid the entire body of it.

It’s role is actually to allow what is good enter the entire body and keep out the unwanted bacteria, mold, fungus, viruses, anything and toxins that it can’t recognize.

The issue arrises when food items “that must be on the list” aren’t, or perhaps even worse, wind up on the poor list of the adversaries of the status, the state of well being.


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