Fuel injector nozzles burning causes and prevention


Fuel injector working principle


The primary ingredients of fuel injector are actually as follows:

2. Cap nut


9. Connect tubing for overflow
10. Shim
11. Pin
12. Nozzle bush

There’s no question that the nozzle burning will certainly affect the standard functioning of the machine. In case you find the similar causes, you are able to rapidly resolve the issues.


1. time that is Long idling operation

As a result of the diesel motor will keep running gradually for a while, the heat in the cylinder is actually minimal, the gas combustion isn’t enough, the combustion chamber as well as fuel injection nozzle are actually not hard to develop carbon deposition. So it results in the degeneration of working conditions for gasoline injection nozzle. Particularly in winter, it’s much more powerful under the state of cool climate. The energy remains in the nozzle mind for a while, the nearby high heat is going to make the nozzle and winter insulation jacket burned.

2. The energy isn’t clean

Thanks to however, there are actually small particles of harmful particles in the gas, the needle valve as well as needle valve entire body of the gas injector will wear. As a result of the burning period of the nozzle is actually extended, which is going to make the nozzle and also the winter insulation jacket burned.

The gasoline injection advance angle is pretty little which might result in a late fuel injection period. In case it cannot be modified for a while, the nearby high temperature is going to make the nozzle and winter insulation jacket burned.

In case the nozzle insulation sheath is actually installed with no cleansing, there is going to be a gap between the gasoline injection nozzle as well as the insulation sheath. The fuel enters into the gap, the temperature insulation as well as cooling effect is actually reduced, which will result in the fuel injection nozzle as well as the insulation sheath burned. In case the winter insulation sheath is simply too tight, the nozzle is going to generate extra stress. Under the combined activity of heat alternating high pressure and load of fuel injection, the nozzle is broken as well as the needle valve is going to be stuck.


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