GDP is not a good measure of wellbeing – it’s too materialistic

Firstly to take note, in that which was very pleasing reading, was that almost every Australian interested in some type of arts culture at least one time in 2013.

This’s an alarming pattern depending on the proof from worldwide recognised subjective wellbeing analysis methods which consider cognitive, social, and emotional elements.

Eighty five % of Australians are actually in opinion that the arts create for a richer plus more significant life, and almost all Australians engage in a minimum of one type the arts every year.


This sector makes around fifty dolars billion bucks to Australia ‘s GDP annually. A GDP share which is much like that of America.

Adding to this GDP great is actually the amount of tourist coming to Australia as well as engaging in our arts and culture. This represents thirty eight % of guests that come to Australia, that take part in the arts of ours.


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