Hamburgers OR Cheeseburgers

Does not actually matter that but each are definitely far better homemade then McD’s. I am certain most of you most likely already know the best way to make cheeseburgers though I’m still going to publish the recipe of mine. I use this recipe since it can make it much more filling and a lot more flavorful.

For the pricing I’m counting four patties for each pound but in order to reduce cost you are able to try out six patties for one pound. If you believe six is actually small Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger utilizes 10:1 (or maybe ten patties for each pound.)

One lb hamburger
Two slices of bread, dried out and cubed
Two tsp garlic powder
½ tsp oregano
Pepper and salt to taste


Then i break down it into four and begin to condition it into patties. Something that I’ve discovered works great is Tupperware. I force it tight into the bottom part and then switch it upside down and out will come a beautifully shaped patty.

In case you’d love to learn the price of your hamburger/cheeseburger then here’s a breakdown.
1.99- hamburger

Then put it on a bun and add your toppings (price is per serving)
.16-Cheese (1 oz)

Total-4.52 or 1.13/Sandwich

For a complete meal add
Chips-.35/serving or Homemade French Fries
Green Beans-.15/serving

6.52-For a Family of Four
9.78-For a Family of Six


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