History of Travel & Tourism | A Brief History of Travel


2000 many years Before Christ, in Mesopotamia and India

Travel for trade was a crucial feature since the first of civilisation.

The first form of pleasure tourism could be traced as long ago as the Egyptian and Babylonian empires. The Egyptians held numerous religious festivals which attracted the many and devout individuals that thronged to cities to observe popular works of buildings and arts.

In India, as somewhere else, kings travelled for empire building.

Advertising in the way of clues directing individuals to inns can also be recognized in this specific period.

The Roman Empire

Second homes had been constructed by the abundant near Rome, occupied mainly during springtime cultural season. Probably the most stylish resorts have been found around Bay of Naples.

Slowly pleasure travel displaced informative travel.


The improvement of the spas

Taking the remedy in the spa quickly acquired the dynamics of a status symbol. They grew to become a crucial centre of interpersonal life for the high society.

Job of the industrial revolution in advertising traveling in the west

These individuals had been lured into traveling to escape the environment of theirs to locations of natural beauty, generally to the countryside they’d come from alteration of regimen from a psychologically and physically stressful tasks to a measured pace in countryside.


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