Holiday Gift Guide for the Movie Buff


So it is that time of season. Time to purchase presents for your family and friends once again as the planet all over celebrates this company, business, money hungry, generosity-filled and festive holiday. Regardless of which you fall under, there is bound to be a minimum of a few far more on your list to find out off. With this post, we will provide you with a number of suggestions for gifts for those film buffs you might have on the list of yours.

1. Movies

Nevertheless, this gift choice is not as apparent as several of you might feel. Actually, it can be among the hardest options for a film fan there’s. You will find many kinds of issues which might develop here. You can choose the incorrect format, the drastically wrong medium, the bad edition. Or maybe you can plain and simple just choose the bad video. Or perhaps even far more possible, get them a film they currently own (afterall, they’re film buffs, chances are they’ve Tons of films now making it even more apt to purchase one thing they currently have). As a result, that is the reason I suggest being away from this particular choice unless that film fanatic in your living has definitely been hinting at a particular video lately. In which situation, go for this. Films are surely great for us movie buffs. But once again, be cautious in what you purchase. Or perhaps at least preserve the receipt and do not be offended when that individual has to send back the gift of yours.

2. Netflix


Netflix allows that cinephile on the list access to all sorts of films from the old to fresh, domestic to overseas, indie to blockbuster etc. The fantastic thing about this also, they get to select which films they wish to view, while you simply pay for the membership. Netflix Gifts are available in an assortment of plans and a wide range of lengths. You are able to get your film lover just the streaming deal or maybe you are able to decide on a program which allows for streaming, and up to one, two, or maybe three DVDs out at a time.

3. Needless to say every film buff gets to spend adequate quantities of time at the theater. And so, along the collections of the Netflix concept, another alternative is actually a Fandango gift card (or maybe a gift card from a neighborhood theater). This gives your film buff a gift that is going to keep on giving over the season as they revisit the theater.

4. The typical movie buff of yours is obsessed with films in most likely a way you won’t ever completely comprehend. As a result, that means eating anything about films they love. As a result, another great present for that film lover on your list is actually film memorabilia. You are able to also purchase scripts/screenplays/props from their favorite videos online. With a number of online retailers that provide this sort of products, the scenarios are actually endless once you understand several of your film buff’s favorite films or maybe actors, etc.

5. As I reported before, chances are actually the film buff in your living loves everything movie related. However, there are lots books out there created for these kinds of individuals. From 1001 Movies You have to See Before you Die to thousand Films to change The Life of yours to the hundred Best Movies to Rent You have Never heard of to much more particular books like hundred one Horror Movies You have to See Before You Die. Furthermore, the film buff in your daily life most assuredly wants to continue with all issues movies and result in insights into the market they very love. As a result, magazine subscriptions which cater to these types are great options. These include print as well as online sorts. Though I am going to say you will need to go beyond the much more mainstream kinds of Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stones, etcetera.

6. Universal Remote

As you most likely know, the film buff in your life absolutely has a love for appliances. This’s particularly true with regards to their house entertainment setup.

7. Roku Box

This’s a fantastic accompanying present for a Netflix membership. The streaming player enables the film lover to make use of any of people streaming services to stream films straight to their Tv rather than being forced to enjoy on their laptop or computer. This’s wonderful for every film buff who’d much rather view on their large screen Tv rather compared to their very little computer system monitor.

8. Blu Ray Player


You are able to find a lot of kettle popcorn manufacturers for under hundred dolars. Almost any film buff will discover it cooler to have their own popcorn maker resting in the space of the room of theirs for access every time they wish to invest the evening watching films (and have confidence in me, they actually do this really often).

9. “Gaming” Chair

10. Surround sound System

Speaking of sound, in case the movie buff of yours does not already have just one, a surround audio system is surely a nice addition to the home entertainment experience of theirs. Naturally, this could be a high priced present, though the film buff in the life of yours will certainly be pleased.

11. HDTV

Because we are mentioning crucial elements, a television certainly falls in this range. Obviously your film buff already has a great, though they are never opposed to a brand new Tv (or maybe sometimes just a secondary TV). May it be a smaller LCD Tv to place in the room of theirs or even an upgrade to a high-end brand new 3d Tv, Tvs are constantly welcome. The movie buff of yours would absolutely like you for this. with the clicking of 3d Tvs, these’re a definite hot item as well which the majority of movie buffs in the life of yours would much more than gladly take. Once again though, this’s among the more expensive presents, so count on paying thousands for something that way.

12. Film Storage

You most likely know it already, though the film buff in your life most likely has a really extensive collection of films. A collection they really love to proudly show off also. Of course such a compilation may often be a thing of a beast which needs taming. Type in the world of media storage. This really comes in 2 styles as well: digital and physical. First we will touch on the conventional actual physical form. This just means shelves and cabinets. If the film buff in your life does not currently have the shelving for the collection of theirs, or maybe is just running out of shelf area, subsequently a brand new shelf, tower or rack will be a welcome and practical gift for the movie buff of yours in helping to tame which ever growing compilation and take a lot of order to it. Needless to say you’ve the digital front also. This’s the same idea as storing all of the music of yours on the computer of yours. A lot of companies create products especially for media storage this way. There are also organizations as PrimeArray and Kaleidoscope which create systems which serve as servers and storage. This means all films are actually preserved on a digital storage unit. These however can be incredibly expensive. Some even far more pricey compared to the Tvs themselves. But the techphile/cinephile in the life of yours will like it.

13. AFI Membership

Offering cool perks as movie tickets, exclusive release schedules as well as magazine subscriptions, an AFI club membership also grants participants admission to AFI occasions. In order to finish it off, they’d also get an AFI club membership card In order to proudly show off In order to friends as a signal to the dedication of theirs to films.

14. Film Festival Pass

I am certain you have heard of them. Sundance. Cannes. Nevertheless, these events book best in advance and will be pricey. Though, I am certain the movie buff of yours would gladly take a “rain check” on a present in case it indicates the promise of obtaining a pass to one of those festivals later on. Furthermore, numerous larger cities provide the own film festivals of theirs throughout the season. Living near one of those, the movie buff of yours would certainly appreciate the opportunity to get to attend 1 of those also.


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