How long do you spend on average on a painting?

Painting size

Typically speaking, the bigger the painting, the greater number of time it must get you to finish. It’s obvious that bigger paintings need a great deal much more work to finish due to the quantity of painting which has to be completed.


When you are looking for details, you really want to spend time concentrating on them so you receive the must right. Add the own artistic touches of yours to the work of yours.

Time does not actually matter

When you are looking for judging paintings on the quality of theirs, individuals do not even think about just how long it has taken for the painting to be finished. Painting time just does not matter to many folks; what matters is actually the final product. You might, for instance, have 2 paintings that you believe are just as great, 1 of which took a couple of weeks to finish, the other a couple of hours. Does it really matter in case you spent a great deal longer on one compared to the other? No – what matters is actually the completed piece and just how convinced you’re with the outcome of the hard work of yours.

Although it is able to to some

In case you are an experienced painter, it helps you to be prolific. In case you market paintings for a living, you must try to create finished paintings regularly. The greater number of paintings you’ve to market, the more cash you likely stand to make. In case you are in it for the cash, it absolutely helps to be prolific and never to spend very long producing paintings that you are likely to market. Nevertheless, some really productive artists have been in a position to make a living by promoting paintings hardly ever. Rather than being prolific, they are the opposite; they have managed to produce a need for the work of theirs by creating very little of their job.

The satisfaction of yours


What ultimately matters is exactly how convinced you’re with your painting. It does not actually matter just how long you invest in a piece, just so long as you are pleased with the final result. Every artist differs and every artist creates paintings in various amounts of time.


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