How much should I charge for a tattoo design?

There’s been a great deal of controversy on the benefits and disadvantages which tattoo style contests offer. And the price involved in hosting such a competition is also among the main considerations in whether one ought to choose it or perhaps not. The price of web hosting a tattoo design contest considerably varies.

Many businesses that host these competitions establish a minimum volume of’ Prize’ cash that’s provided to the winner of the competition. The prize money usually revolves around a sum of aproximatelly 1dolar1 35.00. The quantity of the prize money is actually based on the amount of challenges of the design. The designer or the company holding the competition might also work with the skilled designers to determine what the appropriate amount ought to be.


Many websites that hold competitions don’t ask a fee for a person to produce a tattoo design competition. It is just that one has to register with the website, and that is free, figure out the prize money, explain in information your customized tattoo idea/tattoo style and hang on for the artists to take part and publish the work of theirs. Evidently, the bigger the prize money, the greater number of artists you’re likely to attract which will improve the chances of yours of getting the best custom design tattoo. When you have decided to produce a tattoo design competition, browse through the web site and check out some other contests to get a concept of existing fees extended for quite similar types of tattoos.

In addition, it doesn’t involve an enormous amount of preparation or money to host one. All that you have to invest is actually a bit of time to place things into place and also have the contest launched. After the contest goes live, you simply have to hold out for the designs, invest some time dealing with an artist/artists on the designs of theirs and giving feedback. Feedback is actually a crucial component to make certain the accomplishment of a design competition.

You will not simply supply them with the responses, though you will additionally rate the styles submitted by them. You will also need to answer any or maybe all thoughts that the artists could wonder about the design of yours, in order to offer you the best designs of theirs.


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