How to Change a Flat Tire: Step-by-Step Instructions

A flat tire consistently spoils the day of yours. Changing the flat is a thing that one does not wish to do on the highway, as it’s uncomfortable and additionally a harmful job. Study has discovered that tire blowouts lead to tens of a huge number of accidents, which includes numerous fatalities. Fortunately, nearly all almost all of flat tires don’t lead to accidents.

Tools needed: A extra tire, a jack in condition that is good, along with a lug wrench.


Measures to change a Flat Tire

Raise the car until you are able to quickly eliminate the tire.

Don’t drop them, as you want them to connect the spare tire.



First firm up one nut, then the nut the majority of reverse it. Repeat this pattern, regularly moving to tighten up the following most opposite nut. As soon as all the nuts are actually tightened to some degree, tighten them much more securely one-by-one.



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