How to Change Your Own Oil — A Beginner’s Guide


Not all of us is often a master mechanic and do every service our automobile needs, but learning how to do basic services to keep your automobile both saves you money and also increases safety. When you understand the way in which your automobile functions, you’re better prepared to evaluate issues and perhaps fix them with no being helpless. Doing this yourself is fairly low-cost and simple.

Do not Ignore The Owner ‘s Manual

In case you have always wanted to find out how replace your car’s filter and oil, this manual is able to help! Just remember to constantly reference your car ‘s owner ‘s manual for just about any vehicle specific details. Additionally in the owner ‘s guide is actually the quality and quantity of engine oil you will need, along with any demands for the filter.

Needed Equipment


Engine oil
Oil filter
Socket wrench
Oil filter wrench, just in case you cannot loosen it by hand
Oil pan
Mat, paper, or perhaps large, flat portion of cardboard to catch some oil spills under the automobile
Cleaning rags

Following the warm up, park the car of yours in the driveway or even garage, ON Level Ground.

Prop up the hood and ease the cap on the engine oil tank or perhaps else it will not drain very well.

Find the drain plug.

Caution: Oil might be sexy.

Change the oil filter.
Keep the engine oil pan under the automobile and discover the oil filter.


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