How to Check a Vehicle’s Wheel Bearings

First of all, what’s a wheel bearing? In case you’ve already seen that metal band that encloses what looks as metal balls, you realize you’re taking a look at a bearing. The goal of a bearing is actually allowing as very little friction as is possible if the wheel is actually spinning during motion.

They need to both be spinning freely without an excessive amount of feedback from you. This’s a sign that the wheel bearing is actually fine. In case one of the wheels requires a lot more pressure and force to spin, it indicates that the bearing is actually used or perhaps faulty.

You already know you have to check or perhaps perhaps change the bearing in case it begins making noise whilst it drives.

Keep in mind that the wheel bearing is actually, in a way, a lot of metal marbles in a metal band.

Checking which side the defective or perhaps worn bearing is actually requires for you to have in the car of yours and have a quick drive down the highway. Sway the automobile from still left to correctly as lightly as you are able to to pay attention out for the racket. In case you switch or even sway left and no sound is actually heard then the terrible bearing might be on the correct side. In case the good gets better and louder as you drive more quickly, you know for a very fact that it’s the wheel bearing or maybe ball bearings that have to be replaced with new ones.


Your automobile is recognized for doing all kinds of sounds. The odds are high that the lifeless sound you’re hearing is actually from the tyres moving over larger parts of rubble. Listen thoroughly for all of the sounds, particularly the abnormal ones.

Before doing some assumptions and choosing to take the time period to change the wheel bearing, take the automobile in to a specialist. A wheel supplier or even an automobile specialist will understand the actual audio to be listening for.


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