How To Check To See If You Are Buying a Stolen Car


Identity theft is no longer restricted to people. Nowadays, automobile thieves steal the identity of an automobile and make use of it to market the loot of theirs. How can they do it?


A Cloned Car

To be able to promote a stolen automobile to nave purchasers, thieves duplicate an automobile and make it look as another automobile.

A crook is going to sell you a cloned automobile for a lower cost than an authorized dealer. Nevertheless, you have to stay away from it due to the following reasons:

2. Should you purchase such an automobile, you are going to lose the investment of yours.

3. Should you purchase a cloned automobile knowingly, you may get arrested.

Stay away from becoming a car Thief ‘s Second Victim

Don’t fall prey to him/her by purchasing a cloned automobile. Below are a few suggestions that will help you stay away from being a thief ‘s next victim:

1. Seller Information

It’s alright in case you’re purchasing a used automobile from a private seller. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that an automobile thief won’t ever offer you his/her contact info and employment information. So, don’t forget to consult the following information from the private seller:

2. You have to make certain that the VIN is attached and intact.

The department is going to check the VIN and confirm whether the automobile is actually registered under the private seller’s title.

3. Registration and Title

If the private seller is actually unable to supply you with registration and title, consider it as a red-colored flag. If he/she is actually the actual master of the automobile, he/she should have title as well as registration documents.

4. Insurance and Lien

Obtain info related to previous lien. Additionally, question the private seller about insurance. Don’t forget to confirm the info with the lender along with the insurance company. If you discover some discrepancy, take into consideration it as a warning signal.

Therefore, in order to guarantee complete safety of the investment of yours, you have to scrutinize the automobile in the following ways:

In case you’ve doubts about the automobile, you are able to utilize the free VINCheck database offered at the NICB site. It is going to provide you with info related to stolen automobiles along with salvaged vehicles.

Is there a challenge with the automobile?

A vehicle History Report is going to reveal everything about an automobile. Get a comprehensive article and find out about every accident injury, recall, title issues, etc.

Call the Expert

It is going to help you in creating a practical decision.

Warning is the Key

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in purchasing an automobile from a private seller. It’s a wonderful way of purchasing an affordable automobile. Nevertheless, in case you would like to ensure a stress free purchasing process, you are able to go to an authorized dealer and then choose your preferred automobile easily.


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