How to Fix Dota 2 Crashes? – A List of All Solutions

When you are encountering regular Dota two crashes while loading the game or perhaps throughout the middle of the gameplay, move through this article. Follow all appropriate ways for Windows 8/ 7/ XP and Vista pcs.

Set Auto Config Launch

You will find some predefined values of the game launcher settings. Set Auto Config method as follows:

1. Open Steam and press Library.

2. Right click Dota two and select Properties.

3. Click “Set launch options..”, clean default launch choices as well as style ” autoconfig”.

4. Click OK and restart the game.

Set Safe Launch

When Auto Config function does not work, try Safe Launch mode from exactly the same launcher settings.

1. Repeat Steps 1 2 from the above mentioned section.

2. Click “Set launch options..”, remove existing style as well as worth ” safe”.

3. Click OK and restart the game.

Change Process Affinity

Procedure Affinity could be transformed throughout the Registry Editor. Set Process Affinity to Core zero and Core one processors to fix Dota two crashes.

1. Open the game.

2. Press Alt + Tab to reduce it and shift to the pc of yours.

3. Right click the Taskbar, select Task Manager.

4. For earlier types of Windows, click the Processes tab. Windows eight users click Details tab.

5. Right click Dota2.exe, select “Set Affinity”.

6. Select Core zero and Core one checkboxes and press OK.

7. Close Task Manager and restore the game in screen that is total.

Alter NVidia Control Panel Settings

NVidia Control Panel includes various graphical settings. Set suggested adjustments in it.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click NVidia Control Panel.

3. Click “Select a task… ” on the left hand side panel.

4. Click 3D Settings|Manage 3D Settings|Program Settings.

5. Click “Add” button under “Select a program” group.

6. Browse to the Dota two installation folder C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsdownloading570dota.exe.

7. Set Preferred Graphics: High Performance NVidia Processor

8. Click Apply.

Disable Desktop Composition

Desktop Composition is a function that is a part of compatibility alternatives. Disable it in case it does not support the program of yours.

1. Right click Dota two desktop shortcut, select Properties.

2. Click the Compatibility tab.

3. Check up the box labelled “Disable pc composition”.

4. Click Apply|OK.

Disable Switchable Graphics

Switchable Graphics options will be discovered in the BIOS Settings page. Nevertheless, several devices might not have such an alternative.

1. Restart the pc of yours.

2. Press F2 or perhaps Delete important arbitrarily.

3. BIOS Settings page will open.

4. Hunt for a setting called “Switchable Graphics”.

5. Disable it.

6. Select Exit|Save exit as well as adjustments.

Reset Texture and Render Quality Settings

Reset the structure and render quality adjustments as shown below:

1. Open the game.

2. Click Settings|Video|Advanced.

3. Set lower Texture and greater Render Quality.

4. Click the Save Settings button, exit and restart it.

Offer Read/ Write Permissions to Registry Hives

Failure to get registry read/ create permissions are able to result in adjustments retrieval difficulties. Repair Dota two crashes by offering essential permissions to the game registry hives.

1. Click Start|All Programs|Accessories|Run.

2. Type “RegEdit” in the Search Box. Press ENTER.

3. Open this registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware

4. Right click the “Value” key, select “Permissions”.


5. Check up all boxes in the “Allowed” column.

6. Click OK and exit.

Verify Cache Files Integrity

Verify integrity of the game cache data.

1. Open Steam.

2. Click Library

3. Right click the game, select Properties.

4. Click Local Files|Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

Restore Corrupt Game Files

Dota two crashes as a result of corrupt game data. Repair these documents as well as reinstall the game.

1. Exit Steam totally.

2. Double click The Computer desktop icon of mine.

3. Open this particular folder: C:Program Files (x86)Steam

4. Delete “SteamApps” folder. Move it to the Recycle Bin.

5. Click Start|Control Panel|Programs|Uninstall a system.

6. Right click the game, select Uninstall.

7. Follow the wizard and restart.

8. Insert installation disc as well as continue with the installer.



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