How to Make a Fun-Filled Storybook Mixed Media Collage to Inspire Your Inner Illustrator

All things considered, it is not simply about painting or perhaps drawing a finished work — it is additionally about storytelling with photos.

Here is a fantastic exercise to enable you to get started creating your own storybook art.

Ask yourself: Who’s your story about? Would you describe your hero? Where can they be going? What exactly are they doing? The greater descriptive, the greater! Words as “hero”, “imagine”, “wonder”, “magical”, and “brave” are many good places to begin. Look over the list of yours and chose the favorites of yours to create out in your fanciest handwriting.

Can it be outside? On a mountain? Is the sky blue? What color is actually the ground? Remember, this’s a story and there are actually no limits about how it must look!

3.) Using different papers (scrapbook paper is actually ideal for this!) cut out styles, like circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. Use these shapes to produce the main types of your other, structures, and characters components into your painting.

You are able to overlap paper to add additional depth.

Water down the color to really make it much more translucent in case you would like the newspaper to show through.

6.) You are able to add extra decorations like tiny beads, googly eyes or maybe sequins if you would love to include more three dimensional consequences to your painting.

7.) Once you’ve completed all the detail work, do not forget to sign the name of yours! Use a thin layer of Mod Podge to the whole surface area of your job to seal it.



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