How to Make Your First Art Sale Online

I will spend a long time drawing, coloring, and painting wishing to boost the skills of mine. Regrettably, like the majority of artists, my goals were finally shattered by the views of others that were “kind enough” to allow me to realize that artists do not make some money.

“Why do not you simply go to nursing school and simply care about art form in your free time?”

You are not guaranteed a task and you will be in crazy debt.”

Regrettably, I succumbed to the anxiety about being broke the whole life of mine and attended nursing school.

And so through error and trial, I chose to buckle down and discover a means to market my sketches and paintings. To the surprise of mine, individuals actually needed to provide me money for the works of mine of art.

I have put together a list of essential things you need to do in case you would like to make that very first art sale. Do not give up or perhaps feel selling art is actually for a select several. Add that creative mind to do the job, and quickly you will have the coveted capability to bring in earnings from the craft of yours.

Step one: Put The Work of yours Out There

I understand this seems obvious, though a lot of creatives are actually perfectionists, and cannot appear to part ways with the work of theirs until it has hundred % perfect. Among the most of things which are helpful that I have discovered would be to place myself out there even in case I do not feel competent.

You cannot simply publish one or maybe two photos and plan to call that a profile. Gather your greatest sketches, works in progress, as well as artworks as well as publish them to Instagram, Facebook, or maybe an artist site. People love to discover bodies of work.

Ultimately, folks are going to be interested in the work of yours and cannot wait for you to publish your latest drawing or perhaps painting.

Step two: Social Media

It is extremely unlikely, in this particular day and years, you do not have some type of a social media account. I’d absolutely no intention of offering it. In fact, I was still in the stage of placing myself out there. I’ve to have it.”

The first instinct of mine was saying, “Are you insane? It is actually that good.” But fortunately, I kept my mouth shut as well as took the cash. In case you continue posting the art of yours, ultimately there is going to be a client that resonates with this piece and eventually will exchange the money of theirs for it.


Step three: Broaden The Horizons of yours

When i was not making the sales I wished for with the paintings of mine, I chose to find out a brand new ability that incorporated the love of mine of visual art: Web Design. Fortunately, I ignored my internal critic and mastered web design as well as computer programming. Both are abilities I’ve grown to love. I quickly recognized how in need a skill this way was. Subsequently, the cash flowed in after that.


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