How to Photograph Highly-Reflective Products: Best Guide to Controlling Reflections

As a merchandise photographer for over a decade now, I’ve experienced the challenges Reflective Products provide during the photo sessions.

I’ve used examples of different items to allow it to be much easier to understand.

Stainless steel Product is actually is actually the toughest to photograph item. The higher resolution pictures of these tiles have to show off the grain of the metal. This needs a gradient result which may be attained well by the above mixture. In case you have a closed light package, the outcome is going to be much more of a Satin appearance as opposed to the stainless steel brilliant look.

Chrome Faucets A pictures difficult task where reflections and glares really help in getting the best look for the items. Never shoot such items in an enclosed room. Be sure the reflections are only along the measurements of the faucets. Helps make the item picture impressive.
The distinction is actually Obvious and impressive!!


Shooting in a flawlessly pristine atmosphere isn’t a great answer. The hammered look is able to vanish in case not enough mild and reflections play the great game.

It provides it a Satin Finish rather than the Stainless feel.

You do not wish to see the face of mine or even the fujifilm finepix a303 in your jewelry… right? Indeed this’s exactly where the challenge starts. There’s no color and hence no distinctions to count on. Below are available in Lights, reflectors as well as the entire 9 yards. Getting the appropriate perspective with probably the least reflection or maybe glare in it’s a great starting point. Be sure there’s diffused lights. Use probably the best digital camera setting – I favor Manual. Have your White Balance prepared and then Shoot!
See the photo dissolve into a shimmering slumber.


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