How to safely change a flat tire — a step-by-step guide

Would you understand what you should do in case you get caught on the edge of the street with a flat tire? Nowadays, most drivers have roadside assistance services which will in fact come out to address your level, but, nevertheless, it is usually wise to learn how to alter a flat tire yourself. When your situation is actually time sensitive and you have to be back on the street as quickly as you possibly can, you might not have the ability to hold out for roadside assistance.

Be sure the resources are not damaged and examine the tire to be sure it is not level. In case it has been in the truck of yours or perhaps under the automobile for a considerable period of time, it’s likely it’s become flat, and so take a peek. In case it’s level, get it repaired.

Additional resources you are able to have in the trunk of yours which will make a tire shift easier plus more comfortable, in case you really desire, have the following:

Flashlight (with additional batteries) – This’s crucial for some other crisis situations also.


Cushioned mat to kneel on

Tire gauge

Look for a secure area to pull over. Taking probably the nearest exit is actually safest in case you are on the freeway, despite a blown tire (just place on the hazard lights). In case getting to an exit is not an alternative, pull as much onto the shoulder as you possibly can as well as on a flat and straight stretch of highway, not on a curve in which automobiles might not have the ability to look at you when coming around. Do not park in the midst of a curve where approaching automobiles cannot see you. In case you’ve a manual transmission, escape the car of yours in gear. And do not forget to establish your parking brake!

Turn on your hazard lights.

Do not eliminate the lug nuts yet; simply loosen them by switching the wrench counter clockwise (simply remember “lefty loosy” “righty tighty”).

Raise the car from the earth with the jack. Check with your owner ‘s hand for the particular spots to put the jack as various models have unique spots. After the jack is properly in the appropriate area, jack up the automobile until the tire is roughly six inches off the soil.

Remove the lug nuts and take the tire off the automobile. NOW, you are able to get rid of the lug nuts. Put all of them in a single area so you are not missing one if you have to place them back on.

But do not tighten them all of the way.


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