How to Use the Space Under Your Stairs | Creative Ways To Use The Space Under The Stairs

When home owners consider updating their hallway and stairs, they have a tendency to concentrate solely on projects like changing the stair balustrade, handrails, newels and spindles for a fresh brand new look. But there’s a lot more that can be achieved to enhance the spot, particularly in case you’re quite short of storage space.

One answer that is possible might be staring us directly in the face – the area underneath the stairs. Below are a few ideas for obtaining the best out of this all-too-often neglected resource:

Play den

How frequently have your children complained they’ve nowhere to play? Kids really like concealed nooks as well as crannies, and so transforming the cupboard underneath the stairs may be a terrific option to an outside play home – particularly in winter.

If at all possible, cut windows along with a doorway into the side sections of the staircase. This can permit light in and prevent the den being claustrophobic. Strips of leftover curtain substance stapled to the windows make a pleasant homely touch.

Make use of a beanbag or even a few giant cushions to develop a comfortable seating area. Last but not least, encourage your little ones to personalise the brand new hideaway of theirs with a few books, toys and even, if there’s space, a little table for drawing or perhaps writing.


In case you are fed up with having to choose the way of yours over discarded coats as well as bags of the hallway whenever you get home, consider transforming the area below the staircase of yours into a cloakroom.

Even when there is just a short nook, it is generally enough for a couple of cubby holes with hooks for hats, coats as well as umbrellas. Try adding some wicker baskets underneath for small products for example scarves, key rings as well as gloves – you will check it out even simpler to keep everything tidy.

In case the entire area underneath the stairs is actually accessible, think about turning it right into a clothing cupboard. Simply fit several shelves and hanging rails round the advantage to offer helpful storage for seasonal apparel, and free up room in the bedroom wardrobe of yours at the very same time. This’s additionally a terrific spot to hold boots, trainers, gym kits, golf clubs, ski equipment and tennis racquets.


As the contemporary pattern for open strategy lifestyle grows more and more common, lots of people have gotten rid of the cupboard underneath the stairs and replaced it with an office or maybe study region.

Probably The neatest way of doing this’s having custom made shelves along with a desk system fitted. Nevertheless, in case the budget of yours finances are modest, or maybe you do not wish to commit to a permanent business office, you are able to just use a free standing table and some shelving units.


Suiting an extra toilet or maybe shower will relieve strain on the family bathroom and it is specially beneficial in case you’ve seniors relatives or little kids living with you. When done very well, it must also boost the resale value of the property of yours.


Headroom could be problem, as take exact measurements to make certain individuals are going to have plenty of space to stand upright. You might also need to think about setting up a specific sanitary pump in case the pipes can’t be connected straight to the primary waste system.

Shelving space

The fantastic thing about shelves is the versatility of theirs – you are able to discover ones to squeeze into practically space type. Matching a tailor made shelving device underneath the stairs will enable you to reap the benefits of the room. You are going to be in a position to show all of your books, CDs, ornaments, and best photos which may otherwise be boxed out – as well as to show off the favourite clothes of yours, you might also accommodate many smartly positioned backlights.



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