Independent Travel: The Tao Philosophy of Independent Travel


What’s an independent Traveler?

There’s a particular viewpoint that the impartial traveler adheres to.


You will find numerous different phrases being used to describe impartial travelers. A hobo, in that sense, is actually someone without having a home, spends hardly any or maybe no cash, and travels to the office. A backpacker is actually a traveler on a budget who is luggage is often a single backpack.

No matter the phrase used, impartial travelers share a typical philosophy.

The Independent Traveler:

One) Doesn’t Love to be Pampered

They stay away from strict itineraries, rather preferring to plan their very own trips. Instead of being pampered during the travels of theirs, independents feel far more comfy on their very own. Independents depend on the own judgment of theirs, they don’t let others believe for them or perhaps tell them what you should do.

Two) Spends Less money to enjoy More

The less cash an independent traveler usually spends, the more he or maybe she enjoys the excursion. Big spending is likely to isolate the traveler from fresh, vibrant experience.

3) Travels Light

Going with tons of luggage is actually an enormous inconvenience which costs the traveler period, worry and money. All those things which tourists join with them on holiday in fact impedes the trip, instead of improve it. Among the purposes of traveling is enjoying what’s there, not what’s at home. Traveling light provides a lot more independence for the traveler and rather than baby sitting all people “important” material possessions sandal may concentrate on experiencing life.

Four) Becomes Immersed in the Culture

Five) Goes with the Flow

It’s simple to determine with the eyes, it’s an art form to understand with the head. The independent traveler understands that not everything usually goes to plan; a flight may be canceled, a bus might be delayed, the weather might not be best. With a tight schedule these issues might wreck a trip. With flexibility one could really learn to enjoy them. Occasionally you are able to find without seeking.

Six) Believes that a holiday is an Education

When one carries on to do the very same things a person has always done, he or maybe she is going to continue receiving the exact same results. When a single travels with an open mind studying becomes a delightful undertaking.

Seven) Enjoys Freedom

In order to attain independence one doesn’t need much more. One needs much less. The independent traveler has not many time constraints, material belongings, lists and itineraries of issues to do. The independent is no cost to make the most of any opportunity that will come along. The impartial might remain up late to view the sun set, take off into an isolated village, locate healing rituals of a vanishing culture, love additional time with old pals and admit the gracious hospitality of new shoes. The independent traveler is aware of that baggage must be left at home.


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