Inside the magical world of Rajasthan’s phad paintings

A Phad is actually a 15 20 foot horizontal portion of cloth on which an overall folk tale is actually depicted. The accounts commemorate deeds of regional heroes. Normally the stories revolve around two main folk heroes – Devnarayan-Ji and Pabuji.

His story is actually believed to be extremely much like that of Krishna’s. During his effort to save the final calf, he died in the fight. Based on the folk tale, Pabuji is actually believed to have ridden the horse of his for near to 10km after his mind was slain. Both the males are actually titled as’ Cattle Heroes’ that vehemently battled for the cows of the community of theirs and wound up offering up the lives of theirs in the attempt.


Till particular date the origins of the Phad continues to be a mystery. This’s ritual is widely known as Thandi Karna.

This’s done with the perception that the folk lords are sleeping during this specific time. Typically it’s painted only by individuals of an unique cast – Chippa, also known as Joshi. This’s since the natural colors stay fresh for a long length. Nevertheless, today the scarcities of the organic dyes compel Phad artists to utilize synthetic or artificial colors. While painting a Phad, just one color may be worn at one time. Only when the total use of this particular color is completed can the next day color start to be applied.

This’s called kachcha. Lastly, probably the youngest virgin female of the artist’s loved ones is actually summoned. She is the initial stroke on the Phad.


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