Jeep – A Wonderful Adventure

The interest of mine in Jeeps began back when i was in school that is high, in the first 1970s.

I often visited Jim’s cottage and became used to the effortful chores needed to keep such a huge cottage property. The Jeep was engaged in nearly all tasks around the cottage and yes it often seemed to run with no difficulties. Getting to make use of the Jeep recreationally was probably the most exciting however.

There seemed to be a golf course which ran along the edge of Jim’s household property.

The memories of reckless and carefree times with Jim’s household Jeep are actually all about youthful adventures and hot Canadian summers. Today, 40+ years as well as a generation later on, the exact same Jeep is even now used to keep Jim’s loved ones cottage property.


About 5 years after restoring and offering a 1972 BMW 2002tii, I have the itch to look for out an additional automobile project. At first, he provided it some notion, but eventually, the heightened interest of mine in his Jeep looked to promote the thoughts of his of keeping it and possibly someday completing the own restoration project of his.


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