Joseph Mallord William Turner – 7 Interesting Facts

His mom had been showing symptoms of psychological disturbance. It was in Brentford which Turner initially showed a concern in painting.

1. Unlike numerous artists, Turner was not that concerned about the sustainability of the works of his. He used pigments for example carmine, which were not long lasting. The reason he used such pigments was since he enjoyed the way in which they looked when they had been applied. Due to this, a great deal of the colors in his works have faded.

He’d works exhibited here almost every year for the majority of the life of his.

2. Later in his living Turner were living in Harley Street and made a gallery in the home of his in which he displayed a great deal of the paintings of his.

3. Unlike a couple of other prominent artists, Turner enjoyed success that is much throughout the life of his. By his early twenties he’d noticed a constant stream of wealthy buyers. Since he sold lots of paintings, he managed to go during the summer in which he will find inspiration. He’d then return home and invest the majority of the season painting.

4. Turner was recognized for being rather eccentric, particularly in the later years of his.


5. Throughout his living Turner travelled thoroughly throughout Europe. He was especially fond of Italy and also visited often to admire the country ‘s architecture and art.

6. This never happened for different reasons, although his works are today exhibited throughout the rest and the UK of the planet.

7. The last words of his were reportedly’ the sunshine is actually God’.


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