Key Holder Using Tissue for Android

We generally see various kinds of key holders at houses, offices, shops, exhibitions etc. There are numerous styles which seem special to us and we actually love and truly appreciate them. We love the patterns of theirs though we still need to do different things. And so here we are going to try a thing with tissue papers.

We get a lot of designs on tissue papers nowadays which earlier utilized to be just the monotonous white. Hence we are going to make this key holder using gorgeous printed tissue napkins that are so quickly sold these day and their budget additionally fits the pocket of yours.

For making the crucial holder, items you will need are actually an MDF rii (any shape), a few tissue documents, Mod Podge or maybe Fevicol, a painting comb (an ancient one will do, several acrylic paints and several keys holding pins.

To begin with consider an MDF board. You might get them reduce as per the special need of yours. Tissue napkins getting the layout of fruits, patterns that are different, anything or lines could be used. Just use Mod Podge on the whole board and then pasted the tissues taking proper care of the design. You might not make use of the tissue to go over the thicker board. And as soon as it dries up, paste an additional level making certain the print is simply 1 above the various other. As soon as it was completed, make use of brilliant acrylic colors to color the heavier board. When the entire thing was completed you are able to varnish to give it a lustrous appearance and keep it protected from dust. And lastly put some clear plastic coated nails on the heavy board to hang the keys.

Additionally, allow the tissues as well as paints dry completely before using varnish.


Precisely the same method also can be used for creating a colourful multi goal box.


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