Leonardo da Vinci – 13 Interesting Facts

4. He created plans for a lot of things which would called for generations to be realised, like helicopters, solar energy engineering, calculators and tanks, to name only a couple of.

5. He was captivated by form and this particular fascination could be seen in 1 of his most prominent parts, The Vitruvian Man, that sets out the ratios of the body.

7. He disproved yet another Biblical story by professing it was not Noah’s ark which was to blame for fossils being seen on mountainsides, but really falling sea levels.

8. Though unquestionably one of probably the greatest creatives actually to have resided, da Vinci did not have an especially high opinion of his numerous efforts to human knowledge.

9. Although da Vinci is exceptionally popular for the paintings of his, just over a dozen are presently believed to still be in presence.


10. A selection of da Vinci’s styles have really been built; a few were discovered working, while others had been discovered to be impractical.

11. Throughout the lifetime of his he made thousands upon a huge number of pages of notes, such as more than 200 on corpses he received permission to dissect.

12. We have seen a lot of theories put ahead, obviously, though none have been confirmed just yet.

13. At 1 issue da Vinci was almost sentenced to death for sodomy.


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