Make Movies with Windows Movie Maker: How?

Professional movie makers make films with a particular process. You are able to follow exactly the same process when you’re likely to make your own personal video with Windows Vista Movie Maker.

These’re the actions you have to follow:

-Import a video, music and photos for the movie of yours in Movie Maker.

-Remove adverse parts which you do not wish to work with.

-Order the great information that is left.

-Add a few great things as pictures, background music, special effects, titles, spoken sound effects and text.

-Publish the completed video to DVD.

System options

Please do the following:

-Click’ Tools’ ->’ Options’ in the selection.

-Click on the’ Advanced’ tab.

-In the’ Video Properties’ section you need to pick for the choice NTSC in case you reside in the United States. Living in Europe or perhaps in another country which employs PAL, pick PAL.

-Click’ Ok’.

You are able to work with all sorts of video documents, music files and picture files. The following formats are actually agreeable with Windows Vista Movie Maker:

There’s no restriction which states that a film is able to consist only content from 1 video tape, 1 folder, etc. Every film you make could include content from a blend of media files.

-Typ the title of the folder.

Import substance in Windows Vista Movie Maker

In the event that you would like to use a thing in the movie of yours, you’ve to import a copy from a current folder on the hard drive of yours right into a compilation folder in Movie Maker.

Import pictures as well as video from Photo Gallery

Import photographs, music and video from folders

– Click on the compilation folder in Movie Maker in which you really want the documents in.

– Browse to the folder and that has the pictures, music and video and simply click on the file or even hold Ctrl down to choose numerous files.

– Click on the’ Import’ switch.

Import video from DVD and tape

In case you press in the selection on’ File’ you visit the possibility called’ Import from digital video camera’.

If all this’s correct then the tool’ Import Video’ will be opened.

You then are able to usually rename the,vob documents into,mpg documents which means you are able to import the,mpg documents in Windows Vista Movie Maker.

Today you’ve material in which you are able to work with. Each compilation folder has its very own special clips collection. In order to see the clips you initially have to check out the title of the compilation in the left pane.

You are able to also play a little bit with the perspective (small icons, information, etc.).

Split Clips

If this’s in one of the clips of yours you are able to split the clip in even more areas, which means you are able to choose which part must remain and which end may be removed.

– Use The buttons’ Next Frame’ and’ Previous Frame’ to get around to the precise frame in which you wish to split the clip.


This may be done precisely the exact same with an audio clip.

Create a film automatically

If you’ve a couple of clips in the collection of yours, you are able to make an instant movie. This feature does not provide you with a great deal of influence of the videos purchase, special effects or maybe titles, though it’s an easy and quick way to create a basic video.

This’s exactly how it may be done:

– Select the videos you wish to use in the instant movie or maybe press Ctrl A to choose them all.- Finally press on the’ Create AutoMovie’ switch. This could have a couple of seconds.

In the storyboard you visit the title, the fasteners and even some special effects. If the instant movie looks decent then you are able to help save the film by clicking’ File’ ->’ Publish Movie’ in the selection.

If the film does not look fine you are able to always alter it to make it appear much better.

Succes making your own videos!


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