Maori Tattoo: The Definitive Guide to Ta Moko

Tattoos take up a really important place in the tradition of theirs with deep meanings related to it. Maori tattoos have complex spirals and curved styles making up the entire tattoo, it’s striking and each tattoo symbolizes something an aside from the layout, the positioning of the same presents an important truth. There’s a very long history linked to Maori tattoos which has been truly thought as well as passed on from development to generation.

It’s thought that there was when a fierce warrior recognized as Mataora that fell in like with a princess recognized as Niwareka. Mataora realized the mistake of his and vowed to bring the back of her and win the heart of her once again. This’s thought to be Maori tattoos roots.

The tattoo artists have been revered as well as tattooing as considered a sacred and spiritual ceremony. Tattoos represented the condition of an individual and there was various designs and placements for males also as females. It was thought that when folks died, they will acknowledge each other with these body art in the afterlife of theirs and hence it was a great ritual to undertake. Men received the tattoos of theirs on the face of theirs, buttocks and thighs, whereas females received them on their chin and lips.


In the past there was 8 common correlations of the Maori tattoo designs significance as well as the placement of theirs of the entire body, they had been as follows:

Uma (first of next marriage) – Placed at the temples


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