Meaning of Terms Used in Fine Art Painting

Background – The track record of a painting is actually the spot which seems to be probably the furthest out from the person. This particular element of the painting is not generally the emphasis of the painting and it is there to put in extra substance to the effort.


Binder – This refers to the aspect of paint which keeps the pigment together and allows it stick to the assistance. The binder will help to add cohesion and consistency to paint.

Many artists utilize these as oils are especially slow to dry.

Grounds may be some colour, although blacks and creamy colours are likely to be the most favored colours used in this specific manner.

You are able to try adding materials to modify paint ‘s consistency, functioning attributes, ability to combine with various other paints, drying time and other things.

Palette – The word’ palette’ may mean 2 things.

Pigment – The pigment is actually what creates the colour of color.

It’s the emphasis of the part and the work of the painting which often has probably the most meaning and significance.

It is used as a base type for the painting and it is often completed in a single, flat colour.

Varnish – A varnish is actually a chemical which is actually put on to a painting as the last coating once it is accomplished. The job of varnish is protecting it from dust and dirt.


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