Microwave Cooking And Nutrition | Microwaved Foods – Healthy or Harmful?


I recently got an email asking if I would explain about’ microwave ovens’, eating’ microwaved food’ etc. And so here it’s.

The information isn’t great, in case you prefer’ ignorance is actually bliss’, right now may be a great time to’ accidentally’ have one thing better to do! When we think of’ natural’ well-being and health, it will make sense that we will wish to’ cook’ the food of ours in a’ natural’ manner.

It does not take up very much intuition to recognize that microwaving the food of yours, is around as’ unnatural’ a means to prepare your meals as you are able to get.

A vital issue is that microwaves do not actually’ cook’ the food of yours in any respect. This’ heats up’ the food of yours, but this’s really different from’ cooking’ the food of yours.

It is like your food is actually heated but still’ raw’. It does not alter the chemical system of your foods correctly (and in cases that are many deforms the foods molecules), therefore significantly reducing your foods health value. Even worse however, is actually which microwaves can (and normally do) create dangerous compounds which can result in severe problems/disease (cholesterol that is high, cancer etc). * See the analysis even further down.

Nevertheless, while a bit of bit every now and then will not harm you (not instantly anyway!) – routine intakes are actually a serious issue.

Basically, microwave ovens decay and replace the structure of foods by the procedure of’ radiation’. Do you believe in case they had been sold as “radiation ovens”, they will be very popular? No way, but that is just what they’re. To put it simply, you’re interfering with/disturbing the’ natural intelligence’ of the foods (which is actually by far the most crucial component of any foods).

Precisely why would not we hear much more about their damaging consequences in case they were very bad? Nearly all individuals do not wish to give up one thing that’s so’ convenient’!!! And as contemporary science does not appreciate the point that there’s far more to food that is cooking, than simply warming it up, not sufficient suitable analysis is now being done. It is just another case of contemporary society, attempting to use’ technology’ to help save time… sadly at the cost of our well-being and health.


1. Stay away from using microwaves/eating microwaved food anytime you can.

I know I am being Scrooge once again, and it is all very simple to say “Do n’t make use of microwaves”, but this truly is a huge one.

There is probably not that other things you might do to boost your long term health far more than throwing the microwave of yours out the window… or perhaps at least using it much more sparingly.

2. THAWING Foods isn’t so bad:


When you would like to use the microwave of yours for thawing frozen ingredients, that’s not as bad. It is still a lot better to allow them thaw out effortlessly, but making use of a microwave for that purpose and preparing your food’ naturally’ isn’t as terrible as actually’ cooking’ with the microwave of yours.

3.’ NEVER’ make use of PLASTIC:

Do not heat the food of yours in the microwave using clear plastic containers. When microwaving, carcinogenic contaminants will be leached from the plastic of yours and paper plates or maybe mix and covers with the food of yours. That mainly applies to food items which have fat.

Complete details below.


Use glass, corning ceramic containers or ware for warming the food of yours.

4. *** MOTHERS: DON’T Heat your baby ‘s whole milk in the microwave oven (especially in bottles that are plastic): **

Much better Alternatives:

ii) usually boil the whole milk in a saucepan and allow it to cool down to hot consuming heat.

* More hassle? Yes. More time consuming? Yes. Much better for your infant? Definitely.

Practical Help: The right way to Lower your Microwave Use?

i) Plan ahead:

wherever possible, determine what you’re planning to have in advance, so in case you have to thaw a thing, you are able to get it out from the freezer beforehand (you might have to be before you decide to visit operate in some cases).

Could it be really that much additional time/hassle?

Tips for Getting Take-Away:

* Besides the health dangers, there’s nothing worse compared to your crispy, crunchy pastry or perhaps whatever, being microwaved into a gentle, soggy, mushy heap (Urgghhh!!!).

iii) If it’s to be warmed up and microwave is actually the’ only’ manner, ask them to microwave oven it on’ medium’ (for a bit longer) instead of on’ high’.

Historical past of the Microwave – The Nazi’s:

* A heightened speed of cancer cell development in the blood.

* Lymphatic conditions, leading to reduced ability to stop certain kinds of cancers.
* Higher rates of intestinal conditions along with a gradual malfunction of the devices of elimination.

His tiny but effectively controlled study showed the chronic force made in the food and microwave ovens processed in them. This particular included,

Improved cholesterol levels
Reduced amounts of red blood cells

This’s from an email (around Jan six), Re; Cancer News from John Hopkins.

It is only safer to make use of tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc.


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