Most Common Food Additives That You Need to Avoid!


The Processed Food Industry (from take out places to the large factories which produce and program processed foods) is actually just concerned aproximatelly one thing… the corporate profits of theirs.

To produce these modern nutritional marvels calls for a good deal of tampering with the first meal (if there actually was one), and countless “added ingredients” in addition to a group of food preservatives. And let us not forget about artificial colors, pesticides and flavors.

Allow me to let you in on a bit of secret… The important thing to staying healthy & healthy is actually sticking to a healthful diet… and nothing is actually healthier than eating naturally grown vegetables and fruit.

It’s naturally loaded with nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Thus , here is a summary of Food Additives that you actually have to stay away from!

1. Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

or maybe in case you love having a “packaged” muffin or perhaps pastry with the coffee of yours in the early morning, you have to understand the tough cool facts about the risks of consuming food items that contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

It is produced by utilizing a procedure in which vegetable oil is actually “infused” with hydrogen. When that happens, the amount of polyunsaturated oils (a nutritious fat) is considerably decreased and “Trans Fats” are actually created.

Do a fast search on Google and you will find out that Trans Fats are directly linked with Heart disease, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, atherosclerosis and most of the other issues associated to elevated cholesterol.

2. BHT and BHA

The preservatives BHT and BHA are actually man made components that stop oils used in processed food from getting rancid.

This’s not a coincidence! Consider the reality BHT and BHA have both been discovered to bring about cancer in lab animals, and perhaps the US DHHS states they are unsafe for human consumption, however, the FDA continues to manage that they are safe to be utilized in the foods we consume.

3. Azodi carbonamide (Bromide) or ADA


And yet it’s still present in a number of bread items purchased in the Usa.

Ever ask yourself why Wonderbread was very smooth and might remain in that way for many days (if not months) on the shelf? Well, and now you know.

4. Frequently used when the “flavor enhancer” in Chinese meal, MSG is now one of the several additives which are today being famous for its unpleasant side effects. It is not unusual to discover symptoms in windows in Thai along with Chinese eateries which say “No MSG!”

Though MSG isn’t only in Asian cuisine; it is also a common component in “flavor “marinades” and packets” in grocery stores. MSG is actually what’s known as an excitotoxin; a toxin which binds to specific receptors in the brain of yours.

It essentially “turns off” the neural receptors which show you when you are full, causing you to wish to consume much more food. Additionally, it over stimulates the brain of yours, resulting in an intensive “rush” as your dopamine levels unexpectedly rise.

5. Olestra (Olean)

But there is a cost to pay.

This preservative is known to prevent the body ‘s capacity to take in and assimilate a number of vitamins, minerals along with other essential nutrients. Side effects? How about extreme bloating and gas along with diarrhea and unrestrained anal leakage?

Essentially, not really a quite picture… a substance component which is going to add additional fat to the waistline of yours, and next, to finish it off, perhaps shock you with a few unexpected intense anal leakage? Uh, without thanks… Read that label.

6. It must be a crime… People incorrectly believe they’re doing the body of theirs a favor by utilizing “Diet” variations of the favorite drink of theirs or maybe foods… all in the energy to lose weight; though the fact is actually, artificial sweeteners are much worse compared to natural sweeteners.

They are man made chemical substances which have some truly insidious side effects… as cancer and also neurological (brain) conditions due to the increased toxicity of their eventual chemic breakdown within the entire body.


And in order to top it all, when coupled with some other food additives, they are able to have a much more powerful impact on nerve cells. Do not believe it? Read several of the numerous scientific research documents on the web on the unwanted side effects of Aspartame and Saccharine.

Stay away!

7. Refined White Sugar

Highly refined sugar is very common, it is found in nearly everything… but particularly in processed foods. Start reading the labels and you will be astonished by the high quantities of sugars in soft drinks, baked products (bread, pastries and cookies), pasta, all kinds and tomato sauce of canned soups and foods.

8. Artificial Coloring

Carmine along with other synthetic colors have been shown to cause serious allergic reactions at the same time as ADHD in kids and may add to visual & learning conditions as a consequence of nerve damage.

9. Pesticides

Nowadays, there is really no method to get around this particular one… short of cultivating your own personal produce, or perhaps purchasing all the food of yours from an organic farm. Unfortunately the great majority of food solutions (like 99.99 {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92}) has been in touch with as well as has the residue of pesticides.

Over 2 billion pounds of pesticides are actually added yearly to the amount of money which is actually used every year; and also as the worldwide need for foods escalates, there is no end to be seen.

In states with absolutely no legislation to guard its people from the usage of such pesticides, there ‘ve been near epidemic amounts of instances where these harmful toxins have seriously diminishing the body ‘s capacity to resist infection, and also add to a greater proportion of miscarriages as well as birth defects.

10. Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate

Hence, rather than totally staying away from Sodium Nitrate, we suggest you seriously limit to a minimum the quantity of food you consume with Nitrites in it.

Cancer and nitrates

Many decades ago, scientists suggested Nitrates had been related to cancer in lab rats.

Botulism and nitrates

One particular property of Nitrate is actually it prevents the progress of Clostridium Botulinum… among the most poisonous substances known. Clostridium Botulinum creates Botulism, a paralytic illness which could easily result in respiratory failure and death.

Additionally, when you think about the increased probability of contracting Botulism from consuming Nitrate free meat, it is really the nitrate free foods which demonstrate the bigger health risk.

And not only from the Sodium Nitrate; however in conjunction and concert with all of the other preservatives, additives as well as chemicals present in any processed foods.

Research indicate which regular eating of processed meats are able to end up in some fairly uncomfortable side effects which include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Long term diets which included big daily quantities of Deli meats have been shown to bring about cancer, heart disorders, strokes and embolism.


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