Movement in Contemporary Still Life Paintings

Still Life is actually a category of paintings which goes back generations, with popular artists such as Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh.

Action in a painting may be discussed in a number of ways. It can easily be the element which attracts the eye to the topic of the sense or the painting of change within the painting which draws you through as well as tends to make the painting much more energetic rather than passive. The way it’s described, action comes a still living painting to daily life.

Taking a glimpse at some still living works from contemporary artists, it’s apparent that the usage of a number of brushstrokes are able to produce an amazing feeling of motion. In several of the backgrounds, you will see bigger strokes which lead the eye to the topic of the painting. Having brushstrokes direct the eye is able to break our standard perspective of a painting.

Learning the usage of strokes in a painting is able to give us a good grasp of the system an artist went through to produce the piece. Smaller strokes which are much more refined make us picture a method which is much more complex, time consuming, and thought out.

In order to make the person a connection and a response to a painting is essential.



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