Movie Review: Bullet to the Head


When i noticed about this film, I was really intrigued that Walter Hill was connected to steer, and Stallone was staring, 2 individuals who I believed might pull off a fantastic action movie.

The 2 males track down the unclean trail for their very own good reasons, but 1 of them wish to stay above the law, as well as the other group does not care about the law.

This quickly turns into a buddy film, with the 2 males trying to bounce off one another with a few witty commentary and jibes towards one another, but for me there wasn’t much chemistry between the 2 and it felt somewhat uncomfortable. Nearly all of this particular bonding between the 2 takes place while they’re driving from one area to yet another, and it did somewhat grow on me as the film went on, though I believe the sub-par acting limited its accomplishments.

He appears calculated and cold and also suits the character effectively. The highlight of the film has to be the axe fight at the conclusion of the film with Jason Momoa.

He does not appear to have the best attitude for a cop, though it does not spoil the film. He leaves the majority of the activity for Stallone and rather takes the bullets. I believe I’d love to see him with a little more of the activity as I believe he might hold his own personal.


Jason Momoa that plays Keegan does a good job as the poor guy in this film, though he’s working for Christian Slater and adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, he’s the main male who Stallone wants payback against, as well as the primary driving force for Jimmy Bobo.


Though it comes across well on screen.


The activity was wonderful, with the stand out moment becoming the axe fight. The acting is exactly what you’d anticipate from a Stallone action film, with a few highlights from Christian Slater.


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