Movie Review: Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is certainly an underrated movie. I believe the trouble with this film is the fact that a lot folks will spend this off as your typical stoner comedy, and technically it’s, though it’s really a much more than that, and I believe the issue with this movie is actually that the majority of folks did not really’ get it’.


The jokes simply are not about stoners, well several of them are actually, but there are very a couple of in there which are timeless.

This’s rapidly deemed unlawful, as the General views the consequences it’s on the participant smoking it. We’re in that case whisked ahead to the current day and then released to Dale, a process server, that also wants spending his days getting rather high. The film isn’t just a terrific comedy but looks directly at the friendship of the 2 dudes, based primarily on the reality that one will be the dealer and one is actually the supplier.

I love Seth Rogen and believe he’s excellent in these kind of comedy roles. And so general a strong performance from him.

The character of his truly reminded me of possibly Bill or even Ted from Bill as well as Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I believe it was the way in which he was speaking throughout the film. He did a fantastic job of actively playing a stoner.


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