Movie Review: The Last Dragon

I came across it while I was just little and also because the title sounded acquainted (Enter the Dragon currently being the favourite movie of mine at the time). I did not know then that this may be one of the only occasions it was actually proven to the knowledge of mine on UK TV. I’ve never seen it on television since, and only just lately re purchased the DVD.


The film is all about a Kung Fu pupil named “Bruce” Leeroy Green, who wishes to reach the last level, a feat mainly Bruce Lee accomplished. The last level is actually achieved when you’re surronded by a mystical shine, showing you’re a genuine kung fu master.

The film was produced by Berry Gordy, the founding father of Motown Records, so normally the soundtrack is actually exceptional. The soundtracks is actually among the very best I’ve read in a film and is actually strong throughout, with an extremely good eighties vibe. When you have a soundtrack for a film, that needs to be it.


He’s among the very best film bad guys actually, no one is able to touch him. He’s classic lines like as’ Kiss my converse’ and is actually unforgettable.

I additionally think Leeroys brother Richie is actually great, he’s hilarious in the film and a terrific little actor here. He’s played by Leo O ‘Brien.

The plot of the film is somewhat primary, though it’s a good engaging video which is actually very easy to stick with and heavy on entertainment. They’re rather one dimensional and not very much complex but so what, it’s a big video, and the excitement and music can make up for it.


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