Movie Review: The Shawshank Redemption 1994

The Shawshank Redemption what a terrific video it’s! It’s a must watch film for every one regardless of the age of theirs. Classic, amazing, master piece these phrases appear to be very weak to evaluate the movie. To be honest, I’m short of adjectives to determine the film. It’s virtually turned into the benchmark of a fantastic video. It was nominated for seven Oscars but amazingly didn’t get even one!

The film is actually packed with powerful, upbeat dialogues and the majority of them are extremely hard to overlook like–“Some birds aren’t intended to be caged; their feathers are simply very bright”;

“There is actually something inside that they cannot get to, that they cannot touch. That is yours.”; “Hope is a great idea and could be the very best of things. And no great thing ever dies.”

It’s a very educative movie and surely well worth watching again and again. To be truthful, you can’t afford to miss the film. Last but not least, I wish to point out that the Shawshank Redemption is actually a film that you have to enjoy before you die!

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