Nautical Star: Everyone’s Got One, What Does It Mean

Long utilized as an image for guidance and protection through daily life, nautical star tattoos are actually today assigned a number of different meanings by their wearers:

Army meanings
Lesbian and gay symbolism
Punk rock groups
The style, properly over a century old was used by sailors to indicate navigation by adopting the North Star, referred to as Polaris.

While some other maritime tattoo symbols, like the anchor as well as sparrow, find the inspiration of theirs in various ports of call or perhaps are actually used to commemorate the voyage as well as the perils of its, the nautical star is actually a more hopeful sign of having the ability to locate one ‘s way. By extension, it’s also been used especially as a sign of the return home and at times the luck the is actually required to achieve that spot.

Lesbian and gay Symbolism

Probably the most frequent area for this particular tattoo was on the wrist which may be very easily hidden by a watch, other accessories and clothing. Rather than taking a guess at a stranger ‘s orientation and perhaps embarrassment, homosexuals would be for symbols such as the nautical and realize that their secret was secure and was speaking to a similar person.

Punk Rockers


The factor that remains constant here’s this team also thinks the nautical star provides assistance in the lives of theirs, pointing them on their very own extraordinary path.


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