Never Underestimate the Power of a Paint Tube

1. Before the color tube

We consider it for granted that our color comes in green tubes since that was not always the case.

3. Impressionism

Impressionism is actually an art movement which going in the 19th century. Action of some kind rather frequently featured. Light and the various effects it’d throughout the day was additionally a crucial element of Impressionist paintings.


4. Colours

Among the great things about the creation of the color tube is actually it paved the means for much more colours to be worn. Paints, particularly oil paints, took a rather long time to create, therefore it was practice that is common for artists to just create a number of colours to work with. Artists which painted outdoors would just have the ability to take a couple of colours with them and would generally work on one region of a painting per period. With the invention and paint tubes of lots more pigments, artists can take all of the colours they needed with them once they painted outdoors.


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