New vs Used Car – Buying Advice and Tips


When purchasing an automobile, it’s tough to locate a consensus about whether you must purchase brand new or even used. Many people swear by a brand new automobile while others give the importance of a used one. The simple fact of the issue is the fact that there’s no right answer. You are able to just do what’s right for you. Here are a few positives and negatives of used and new automobiles to enable you to make up the mind of yours.

Market Availability


Of the fifty four million automobiles sold year that is last, forty million were used. With numerous used cars offered, there’s far more competition amongst sellers.

Recent scientific studies show that individuals that purchase automobiles brand new will keep them for 7 years on average. People who buy used will continue the vehicle of theirs for 5 seasons.


Since 1995, the federal government has been learning the typical age of the cars on America’s highways. With automobiles and trucks getting more and more long-lasting, it’s easier to locate a dependable used car. On the various other hand, if you purchase used you are able to certainly not be hundred % certain that the auto of yours is going to hold up to lengthy use. Buying brand new ways that your model is protected by a guarantee for a selection of years as well as the vehicle hasn’t suffered any prior abuse.


The instant that a brand new car is actually pushed off the great deal it loses ten % of its value. Following the first 5 years, the depreciation fee slows considerably. What this means is that second hand automobiles lose their value much more gradually on average than do their latest counterparts. For people that intend to keep the vehicle of theirs for a significant length of time, depreciation is actually much less of a problem. In case you would like having a brand new car every couple of years, it’s something which must be considered.


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