Nokia patents vibrating tattoo that would let you feel whos calling


It is a neat concept, definitely, but could it be something folks will make use of? Let us take a look at several of the advantages and weaknesses of this particular kind of tattoo design concept.

· No need to Carry a Phone


Phones could be difficult to hear, or perhaps could be on silent, or perhaps might not be in the pocket of yours. This may be beneficial for those that are actually hard of need or hearing to get to their mobile phone quickly for emergency telephone calls or maybe sales calls. This may also be much more enjoyable for pupils, particularly those that get in danger usually for getting a mobile phone which rings during class.

At times one thing that is different is brings value merely for being different. That is what we come across with the Nokia vibrating tattoo, in which the end user will merely have a brand new, interesting way to get phone calls some other than the conventional ringtone way. Only some changes have to use a purpose. “Cool” is actually a noteworthy characteristic just about all its own.

· Somewhat Artistic

Presumably, this kind of tattoo may be created by the wearer, or maybe they are going to have a decision from a bigger tattoo design gallery. It wouldn’t be surprising in case Nokia also offered coupons or maybe a few other way of helping folks cover the expense of the tattoo. This won’t be recognized until the concept is published.

Despite those possible benefits, this particular device type does seem to have a lot more downsides than upsides.

This particular technology type might emit light close to the skin which may be unsafe, or perhaps could be made of substances which pollute the body.


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