Official Tibet Travel Guide: For Beginners Only


Climate of Tibet:

1. How is the local weather in Tibet? Can it be great in summer? Could it be really cool in winter?

Climates are very different in various aspects of Tibet. In a bit of mountain areas, there are actually 4 months at the exact same time in altitude that is different. The weather in one day varies significantly, also. The night is cool while the day is hot.

However in the main location of Tibet, the local weather of Tsedang and Lhasa is much more advantageous for traveling. Travelers are able to go to these 2 areas throughout the year around, not very hot in summer time and never very cool in winter.

2. How’s the street state in rainy time of year in Tibet? Want I take some rainproof with me?

The wet season in Tibet is primarily from June to August and this does have a really bad effect on the highways. Nevertheless, you will find several track maintenance workers and nearby army would also provide assistance to bring the roads. Typically speaking, it just takes a couple of hrs to make the highways achievable once again. As for the rainproof, you’re recommended taking shoes, rain-proof trousers, or raincoat in case you would like to trek, ascend the mountain or even ride a motorcycle. In case you’ve group tours organized by a number of travel agencies, typically you do not have to get rainproof with you, because Tibet frequently rains during the night and also the climate is very good in the day. Besides, the tourist bus is usually along with you.


3. What’s the very best time to go to Tibet?

As for the very best time to traveling, it will depend on your traveling necessity.

Hotels are affordable, too. You are able to enjoy five star hotels with under 100USD including breakfast. Compared with going in August, the price of a winter tour is just 50{2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} 60 {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} of a summer tour. Due to the very poor length of guests, the Potala Palace enables you to invest actually an entire day in it.

3. In case you like Mt.Everest and wish to see the sure face of it, attempt to stay away from the rainfall season as well as foggy weather conditions.

There’ll be mudslides, mire and cave-ins on some areas of the highway, obstructing the passage of cars.

About high altitude sickness

1. What’s higher altitude sickness? What is the warning sign of higher altitude sickness?

High altitude sickness could take place at high altitudes (more than 2700m) as a result of the decreasing accessibility of oxygen. It generally happens following a fast ascent and can generally be avoided by ascending slowly. Symptoms typically manifest themselves 6 to 10 hours after ascent and typically subside in a single to 2 days, though they often develop into the more dangerous conditions. Typical symptoms of higher altitude sickness may include shortness of sleep disturbance, dizziness, stomach illness, fatigue, headache, and breath .

2. How to stay away from or perhaps relieve higher altitude sickness?

Have a great mood, do not be way too excited or even be very concerned about high altitude sickness.

Don’t consume any alcohol on the very first 2 days when you’re in Tibet.

Don’t run, jump or perhaps do a bit of taxing tasks at the very first 2 days. Being peaceful and getting a very good sleep are important.

When you’ve the signs of altitude sickness, bring a bit of medicine (it is actually believed it is beneficial to have some butter tea in case you are able to adjust to the taste of it) and do not go higher. Oxygen and medication also help to stop altitude sickness. Mild altitude sickness signs could be addressed with appropriate medication.

Besides the regular medications for traveling it’s recommended to bring higher altitude medication. Find ideas from the doctor of yours.

Tell your tour guide in quick motion in case you do not look well and go along with the guide’s guidance.

You will find hospitals in several big cities in Tibet. You might conform to gentle high altitude sickness by yourself gradually and you might go to hospital in case it’s sincere. After you’ve previously had higher altitude sickness, you need to sleep well, don’t move very much, continue eating, drink a bit of water with dark sugar or even take some medication. High altitude sickness shall vanish after you descend to specific altitude and it’s no sequel symptoms.

4. Is higher altitude sickness even more significant if going to Tibet by airplane than by train?

Precisely, but the two means have their disadvantages and advantages. You’re much more apt to have higher altitude sickness since you do not have time that is enough to adjust to the plateau environment gradually in case you go by airplane. The altitude change is straight from several hundreds meters to much more than 3000 meters. While, in case you visit Tibet by train, you are able to adapt the body of yours to the high plateau planet gradually and slowly. After that, you might relieve or even stay away from high altitude sickness.

Do I require physical exercise before going to Tibet?

Individuals with all sorts of organic heart diseases, serious arrhythmia or perhaps resting heart rate more than 100per minute, higher blood pressure II or perhaps above, all types of blood illnesses and cranial vascular diseases.

Individuals with chronic respiratory system diseases, moderate amount of obstructive pulmonary diseases and above, for example bronchus expansion, emphysema etc.

Individuals with diabetes mellitus which isn’t controlled schizophrenia, epilepsia, hysteria, and properly.


High risk pregnant females.
In the event that you’re uncertain about the body condition of yours, you might have a physical examination. Though you’re not meant to do more physical exercise before you go to Tibet, for working out will provide more burdens to the heart of yours and you will require more oxygen, which might easily result in high altitude sickness.

What can I do if I get a cold in Tibet?

Your immune system shall be poor in case you get a cold and you might suffer high altitude sickness effortlessly due to it. Besides, severe cold might quickly turn to a few much more significant high altitude diseases, particularly pulmonary edema, and that is extremely dangerous. So you’re not supposed to journey to Tibet before you eliminate a cold.

While, in case you get a cold in Tibet, factors may not be very significant, since your entire body has already, to some degree, adjust to the plateau planet and you are able to go to a medical professional and take a bit of medicine

Certificates and permits

1. Actually are there any limitations or maybe restrictions imposed on foreigners to journey to Tibet? The best way to manage it and just how long will it take?

There are several unique needs for international travelers to Tibet. What is more often, foreigners aren’t permitted to go on your own in Tibet by their to promote, despite the traveling permit. They have to be accompanied by a qualified tour guide. Generally, it could be received in one week and two to three days in case you’re in need that is urgent.

2. What’s Tibet Entry Permit?

Tibet Entry Permit is officially given by Tibet Tourism Bureau, in objective of restricting the statistics of international visitors. With this particular permit, foreigner tourists are able to travel in Lhasa region including Reting, Drigung Til, Namtso, Tsurphu, Ganden, Yamdrok Lake, and Lhasa city .

Tibet Entry Permit isn’t offered for independent travelers.

Documents required:

You’re not needed to use for the Tibet Permit.

3. What’s Alien’s Travel Permit?


Alien’s Travel Permit isn’t required for sites in Lhasa region, towns of Tsetang and Shigatse, or maybe nonstop traveling on Friendship Highway.

Generally you are able to apply for it as soon as you turn up at Lhasa. It usually takes the cost and several hours is fifty CNY/person. If perhaps you’re an individual traveler, you have to sign up for local tours to’ unopen’ places, and the area travel agencies are going to arrange the PSB for you too. Pay attention, there’s no travel bureau is able to provide’ PSB permit-only’ program.

4. Which components of Tibet are actually mentioned as the closed places?

5. Actually are there other certificates and permits might be needed in Tibet?

For Tsaparang and Tholing in western Tibet you’ll also have to have a permit from the nearby Cultural Antiquities Department. It usually takes 10 15 working days or weeks to get all of them.

Could it be quick? Shall I be denied?

Nepal has 2 embassies in China: one of them is actually in Beijing as well as the other is actually in Lhasa. And there are hardly ever any instances of denial. Usually you are able to get the visa in the evening of the following working day in case you publish the application and required files in the early morning of the very first day. Thus, you require plan a few of days in Lhasa to hold out the visa.

Your passport should be legitimate at minimum for the following six months. There are actually 3 kinds of visas based on period you intend to keep in Neal, the fifteen days, thirty days and the three months.

What to Pack:

1. What medications to take when going to Tibet?

Colds, digestive disorders and insomnia are common. It’s recommended to take anti altitude sickness medications to manage with oxygen deficiency. Remember to consult the doctor of yours prior to the travel of yours to Tibet.

2. What foods to take when going to Tibet?You might have some milk chocolate, dried beef, great pickled mustard tuber, other food and biscuit and snacks you wish. You might also take certain gum with you, that might help alleviate the warning sign of headache and syrigmus. When going to remote areas of Tibet it’s a great idea to pack a bit of food, snacks, and drinking water. It’s not always simple to see food or maybe drinkable water in these places. Water purification products, like hand pump filters, isn’t required, as bottled mineral drinking water as well as thermoses of boiled water are actually available everywhere throughout Tibet. It’s a great idea to take a high quality multivitamin to augment the diet of yours since a source of fruits and vegetables might not be readily accessible.

3. The essential commodities you need to take when going to Tibet Necessities: sunglasses, hat, sunshine cream, skin lotion, lipstick, particularly long sleeve clothing, sweaters, Passport, visa, cash, charge card, digital camera, movie, power packs, toiletries, cosmetic products, knife, timepiece, day bag pack, major travel bags (soft luggage), binoculars, writing materials, reading book, journal, water bottle , family photos and snack foods.


At times it’ll sleet or snow at night, therefore you would better take a few down garments (those with caps will much better), warm gloves, woolen sweaters, wind-proof and warm shoes and socks. Using a number of layers of clothes which may be quickly added or even removed will be the smart choice since temperatures could change significantly within a day.

Many hotels in Tibet don’t have any central heating. It’s pretty cool in the early morning and evening.

During the good tourism time of year, April, May, October and September, you have to prepare T shirts, jeans and overcoats, warm sweaters. Besides, regular rainfall in this season produces waterproof clothes and raingear complete necessities.

Even in summer time, a down layer is needed for those that are going beyond Shigatse and Lhasa into much more remote parts including the Everest Camp. A windbreaker in addition to a sweater is going to work well for strolling about Lhasa in summer.

Women should stay away from skirts or even dresses.

Additionally, each time you go to Tibet, in case your program includes immediately at Everest Base Camp or maybe Namtso Lake, or maybe a couple of days backyard trek in mountain region, to stay warm is extremely important. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry an excessive amount of about clothes, you are able to pay for some clothes type you require in Lhasa and apparel is pretty affordable.


It’s really important to have a solid comfy pair of sneakers, particularly your traveling covers remote area and you’ve to move for a long distance. Little boots are actually good, but Tibet could be wet and we are going to do considerable walking, so be sure your shoes fit properly and are actually ideal for wintry and puddles. You must also have a pair of tough and comfortable sandals.

5. What documents and certificates should i take with me while I go to Tibet?

Needless to say you need to get the passport of yours, China visa as well as Tibet traveling permit along with you. Or maybe you will not be allowed not actually to get on the train or the plane.

You will find in general documents needed for international tourists that would like to journey freely in Tibet:

Travel Permit: It’s necessary when you’re preparing to go to the closed places in Tibet, and also you are able to get it after you turn up in Tibet

Military Permit – you’ve to obtain whether you’re planning to travel to several military very sensitive areas.


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